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A Glimpse of the Campus Culture Activities

Campus culture activities are a key approach to carry forward the spirit of the campus culture and a principal component of the campus behavior culture. In addition, campus culture activities are also a bridge of teacher-to-student and student-to-student communication and exchange. Considering that the students of online education programs have a weak sense of belonging and inconsistent values and are facing high pressures from their learning, work and daily lives, "Online RUC" has started to design and organize multiple forms of campus culture activities in a scheduled and planned way and brought into existence, through continuous explorations, a number of campus culture activities unique to "Online RUC" along with the continuous growth of the student number and further understanding of the construction of campus culture.


I. Campus Activities Designed to Enhance the Students'Sense of Belonging

1. Online Opening Ceremony & Graduation Ceremony (Year 2003 to 2004)

Considering the fact that it is not convenient for the students, who are spread around different locations, to participate in the various celebration activities in the same way as they are organized in traditional schools, the Campus Culture Department pioneered a series of online celebration activities to facilitate the students a great distance away to feel the first festivity and inspiration of these celebrations.

2. Online Celebrations of the Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of "Online RUC" (2003)

The Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of "Online RUC" was held in September to November, 2003. It is a campus-wide event with the largest scale and coverage among all the events ever organized over the five years since the College was founded. This event provided Online RUC with a platform to display its achievements and also provided the faculty and students with a chance of communication. During the Anniversary, the Campus Culture Department organized a series of activities and all the audiovisual files, pictures and texts of these activities, including 381 web pages, nearly 350,000 words, 600 pictures and 38 audiovisual files, were finally published on a website specially set up for the "Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of Online RUC" to reflect from different angles and views the achievements of Online RUC over the past five years since it was founded.

3. "Online RUC" Campus Culture Festival (Year 2004)

The 1 st Campus Culture Festival of Online RUC unveiled on May 1 st, 2004 and went on for three months till the end of July. Activities of different themes were staged in each month during the Festival, including an essay contest launched in May in the theme of "A Red May --- My Unforgettable Moment…", a personal photography, animation and painting and calligraphy contest launched in June in the theme of "A Colorful June" and an online Olympics knowledge contest in the theme of "An Exciting July --- I Love Olympics". The students were allowed to participate in these activities via e-mail or online answer sheet. The appraisal committee of this Festival was composed of Professor Ye Junyuan of the Department of Chinese Literature of RUC and Mr. Yu Hao, an Advisor from RUC Photographers Association and a number of Online RUC course tutors and the "Gold Wing Prize" was initiated as the top prize of campus culture activities. During this Festival, the various components under the "Gold Wing Prize", including the "Best Essay Prize", the "Best Photographic Work Prize" and the "Best Animation Work Prize", were awarded to 129 students.

Nearly 1,000 students participated in the contests and left their words and comments on the web during this Festival, which also received more than 200 essays, 221 pieces of photographic works, 6 pieces of animation works and 13 pieces of painting and calligraphy works.

A selection of the Photographic, Painting & Calligraphy Works submitted by the Students to the "the campus culture of Online RUC Festival"

4 . "Online RUC" Publications and Student News Club (Year 2004 to 2005)

During the the campus culture of Online RUC Festival, the Campus Culture Department also released the first Online RUC publication named " New Knowledge Era" and set up the Student News Club that recruits journalists among the students.

5. Year-end Appraisal of "Online RUC" Campus Culture Activities (Year 2004)

Over the past four years, 15 such activities were organized involving more than 30,000 participants.


II. Activities Designed to Promote the Students'Civic Virtues and Consciousness

1. "Public Benefit Activity Day" and "Public Benefit Pioneer" Appraisal & Election

2. Activities Organized at Some Teaching and Learning Service Centers on the “Public Benefit Activity Day”

Tree-planting activities organized by the Teaching and Learning Service Centers in Beijing, Zhuhai, Chengdu, Nanning and Shandong.

3. “Donate for Education” Activities

Donation activities organized by the T eaching and Learning Service Centers in Beijing, Henan and Liaoning

Public Benefit Activities are a series of large scale campus culture activities regularly organized by "RUC Online” and participated by a growing number of Teaching and Learning Service Centers and students. The “Year 2005 Public Benefit Activity Day” in the theme of “To be a Diligent Learner and a Public Benefit Pioneer”, including activities of tree-planting, donation to poor pupils and environmental protection propaganda and so on, witnessed the participation by 20 Teaching and Learning Service Centers and 1 student community with nearly 3000 student members. According to an incomplete statistics, over 40 similar activities have been organized by the local Teaching and Learning Service Centers over the recent years. For instance, donations to the Yanyuan Hope Primary School in Qingbiankou Village, Zhangjiakou, Hebei are organized on a yearly basis by Beijing Teaching and Learning Service Center and the total value of donations has exceeded 25,000 RMB.


III. Mutual Aid Activities Designed to Help Students with Learning Difficulties

1. Pre-examination exchange of experience (online) (Grade 200404 to Grade 200507)

Every year, various types of activities are organized by the Campus Culture Department for the students to exchange their learning experiences, particularly the learning experiences of some students with excellent performance in a certain single course that might be helpful to the other students. These activities are found helpful by the students not only in the fact that the students are provided with a chance to obtain the effective learning methods that they need to take the examinations in an easy way, but also in the fact a schoolmate friendship is built up between students in different regions and different grades that can get rid of the loneliness suffered by the students of online education programs. In the meanwhile, an excellent learning atmosphere is created and the "spirit of mutual aid" contained in the campus culture of Online RUC are sufficiently demonstrated in these activities.

2. Student Community (an online event)

3. Hobby Groups and Others (online events)

Mutual aid activities designed to help students with learning difficulties: Based on the examination schedule, the College has organized five pre-examination exchanges of experiences involving more than 10,000 participants.


IV. Activities Designed to Draw Attention to the Social Hotspot Issues (some theme activities

The online communication platform launched by the campus culture of Department in 2001 has been upgraded several times from 2003 to 2005. At present the BBS offers a number of key columns as follows:

1. Teacher Yang's BBS: With the College teachers as the moderator, this BBS is mainly designed to provide answers and solutions to the questions and problems raised by the students;

2. Learning Forum : This BBS provides a space for discussions about learning methods and communications about learning experiences.

3. Literature Room: a place of exhibition of the original literary works of the students and reproduction of excellent essays and articles to create an atmosphere for literary discussions and an online home for literature fans;

4. Law Forum: A column where the law lecturers and experts are invited periodically to give lectures on legal knowledge and address on the hotspot issues drawing special attention from the society;

5. Online Activities : A BBS directly under the administration by the Campus Culture Department that organizes periodical discussions on the hotspot issues; BBS moderators of RUC Online are elected at the beginning of each year and appraised at the end of the year. In addition, a code of conduct is formulated for the BBS moderators to guarantee the healthy development of the BBS.

The Campus Culture Department has developed 35 discussions on the Online Activities BBS over the hotspot issues drawing special attention from the society and organized a series of activities including “A Moment of Reunion --- Interactive Greetings on the Mid-autumn Festival”, “The Bell Tolls for the Eternal Memory of National Humiliation --- In Special Commemoration of the September 18 Incident”, “Let's Cross Our Fingers for Our Motherland --- A Special Event of National Day Celebration” and “Mao Tse-tung, A Giant in Chinese History --- In Commemoration of the 110 th Birthday of Mao Tse-tung”. The total number of click-throughs for all the posts has exceeded 1 million.


V. Activities Designed for Mutual Participation by Students Scattered in Different Regions

1. "Hand-to-Hand --- A Long March of True Feelings between Teachers and Students", a school flag relay and signature activity

Upon the advent of t he Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of “RUC Online” and the 20 th Teacher's Day in 2003, the College organized a large scale school flag relay and signature activity named “Hand-to-Hand --- A Long March of True Feelings Between Teachers and Students”, which unveiled at the Teaching and Learning Service Center in Lhasa Tibet on August 15 th and ended on November 13 th three months later. This event witnessed the relay of five school flags, respectively representing the five fruitful years “ of RUC Online ”, on five routes along all the 55 Teaching and Learning . Service Centers (already in service in the same year) covering more than half of the territory of China and the participation of more than 6,000 teachers and students.

2. 2004 Graduation Ceremony & Commencement (an Offline Event on Oct. 31, 2004)

A Group Photo of 2004 "Online RUC" Graduation Ceremony and Commencement

2004 Graduation Ceremony & Commencement: This Ceremony staged on RUC campus was attended by 238 graduate representatives on behalf of more than 3,000 graduates and viewed live and online by nearly 1,000 students.


VI. Activities Designed for Mutual Communication and Mutual Participation by the Teachers and Students

1. Public Activities Mutually Participated by the Teachers and Students (Year 2001 to 2003)

2、Entertainment Activities for Teachers & Students (Year 2002)

3. "We are in company" --- A Special Event on the Teacher's Day (Year 2004)

During this special event, each Teaching and Learning Service Center was asked to recommend one personnel responsible for the RUC Online student recruitment or management activities or a local tutor giving face-to-face lectures for RUC Online to take part in the online teacher story show staged on the Teacher's Day, who have been taking care of the students and providing learning supports to the students for a long time but unknown to the public. This event was taken very seriously by the participating Teaching and Learning Service Centers and the story show presented the students with a further introduction of the teachers and aroused extensive attention from the students. During the event, a large number of posts were published on the BBS and a lot of greetings to the teachers were received by the Campus Culture Department.

So far, a dozen activities designed for mutual communication and mutual participation by the teachers and students have been organized and witnessed the participation by more than 10,000 teachers and students.