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Learning Enquiry & Advisory Service

Having led a reform to change the constant traditional education model that is teacher-centered into a “student-centered” education concept, online education needs to be recognized and accepted by the learners as to its existence and development. Therefore, service is of particular significance to online education.


I. Advisory Department

On Oct. 24, 2000, Online RUC took the lead and set up its Advisory Department, which provides hotline advisory services to the learners.

On April 1, 2001, the Call Center Agent Service System of the Advisory Department was officially put into service. As a value-added interactive communication service system based on telephones, mobile phones, fax machines, computers and other communication and office equipment, this Agent System has become an "express channel" of communication between the students and the college that allows the students to seek prompt assistance via a permanent telephone number. The Agent System can not only answer the questions raised by the students via its manual response to enquiry calls, but also allow the students to check the status of enrollment, examination scores and other information and significantly reduced the quantity of manually-answered enquiry calls with the addition of the automated voice response system. At the same time, the Agent System can also dispatch large quantity of emergency notifications to the students at all Teaching and Learning Service Centers via the call-out function. The Agent System has processed more than 100,000 telephone calls per year ever since it was put into service.


II. Professor Yang's Mailbox

On December 24, 2000, "Online RUC" opened "Professor Yang's Mailbox" to provide answers via e-mail to the various questions raised by the students, which have answered more than 17,000 student e-mails per year since then.


III. Professor Yang's BBS

In March 2001, "Online RUC" opened "Professor Yang's BBS" to provide answers in the form of BBS posts to the various questions raised by the students. Ever since it was opened, the BBS has witnessed high participation by the students and received a large number of posts while "Professor Yang" has gained deep confidence and support and produced significant impact among the students with his timely and accurate answers. "Professor Yang's BBS" has become one of the sectors with the highest clicking rate on "Online RUC" website and has created a record of more than 13,000 clicks for one single post.

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